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Regeneration and repair of turbochargers


have been a popular addition to motor vehicle engines for many years. They provide for the recovery of some of the energy from vehicle exhaust, so that a turbine connected to the compression wheel is set in motion. The air thus obtained is compressed and cooled, and later transported to the combustion chamber. In this way, more of the fuel-air mixture enters the engine, which increases its efficiency, affects driving dynamics and reduces fuel consumption. However, in order for a turbocharger in a car to work effectively, it must be used correctly, otherwise the component can fail seriously. In such a situation, will it be necessary to replace the entire device? In the case of extensive damage, this may be the best option, but components with lighter wear can be professionally regenerated turbine.

The Technical Center in Mielec offers turbocharger remanufacturing with a 12-month warranty.

In addition to repairing the damaged turbine, we also provide installation and adjustment of the newly purchased component. The Technical Center repairs turbochargers in cars, vans and trucks, as well as in agricultural, construction and industrial machinery. The service is designed for users of vehicles of different brands. Among our clients are individual customers, transport companies, car repair shops and authorized service centers throughout Poland. We encourage cooperation not only with domestic customers, but also with customers abroad.

Our technical team consists of experienced specialists in their craft. When remanufacturing a turbocharger, we use the highest quality tools and high-end replacement parts from the recommended British company Melett. We make every effort to ensure customer satisfaction with the newly installed turbine.

Regeneration of automotive turbochargers includes cleaning, sealing and balancing the entire system. As part of the basic regeneration of turbochargers, we offer:

  1. Disassembly of the component and verification of damage to determine the probable cause of failure
  2. visual inspection of the surface and inspection of the measuring points indicated by the manufacturer, which will help determine the condition of the rotating elements and assess whether they can be reused
  3. washing and cleaning of turbocharger components
  4. balancing the shaft together with the compression wheel on the first balancing machine
  5. computer analysis of the parameters of the turbocharger rotor, making it possible to precisely balance it
  6. Turbine assembly: putting on new bearings, oil jets, thrust rings, seals, etc.
  7. weighing and leakage test
  8. weighing and leakage test
  9. high-speed balancing (up to 250,000 revolutions per minute)
  10. assembly of the turbocharger as a whole

On request, it is possible to carry out extended reconditioning, which also includes:

  • adjustment of the variable geometry of the turbocharger in repair
  • setting of boost pressure

In case of serious damage not only to the turbine, but also to the compressor itself, we offer the possibility of replacing the rotor of the air compressor, as well as cleaning and machining its other components.
Feel free to contact us by phone, email or the form on the website. We will be happy to dispel any doubts, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with detailed information and a quote for turbocharger repair services.

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