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Regeneration of steering gears

Repair transmissions

Polish roads can sometimes be demanding for car layouts. At particular risk is the steering system, whose delicate components wear out quickly in adverse conditions. The most common faults affect the steering gears responsible for translating steering movements into wheel turning force.

Among the most characteristic symptoms of steering column failure are:
- damage and leakage of the steering rod cover
- excessive contamination of the steering system
- noticeable on the steering wheel play in the transmission, lack of precision of the system - steering
- No power steering (for cars with hydraulic power steering)

What to do with a damaged transmission?

The answer to the failure of the component is a professionally carried out reconditioning of the steering gear. It includes taking apart the component, cleaning it thoroughly and verifying the damage that has occurred. The depleted components are then replaced with new ones, while the remaining ones are machined. Steering columns in repair must also be replenished with new seals, which will ensure that the subassembly recovers and returns to its original performance.

During the reconditioning of the steering column, we provide:

- replacement of seals, simulers, o-rings, bearing guide bushings
- grinding of the main shaft
- grinding of the distributor shaft
- replacement of cover gaskets
- Erasing of slack by boring appropriate guide bushings
- Grinding of the worm gear (in cases requiring it)
After the repair is done, the gearbox is checked for clearances and pressure (150 bar), which rules out later defects.

We also offer the possibility of installing or removing transmissions in cars and buses.

Steering gearbox reconditioning at the Technical Center

is carried out using the best tools and original spare parts. The service includes a 12-month warranty. Feel free to contact us for details and a quote for gearbox remanufacturing.

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