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Precision and durability


are one of the most frequently consumed components of an internal combustion engine's power system. The need to replace the injectors puts a heavy burden on the car user's wallet. For this reason, new solutions are constantly being sought that can restore the high performance of the system without the need for costly changes. For those drivers who are reluctant to think about the overall replacement of such an important system component, we have prepared an offer for the regeneration of the injector

Regeneration of injectors at the Technical Center

In our company we carry out remanufacturing and repair:
- CommonRail injectors: BOSCH, DELPHI, DENSO, SIEMENS
- single-spring, stepped (PLD) injectors - single-spring injectors from any manufacturer for passenger cars and PLD unit pumps from RENAULT, DAF, MERCEDES, LIEBHERR, etc. trucks.
- dual-spring injectors
- injectors, pump injectors for passenger cars with engines: TDCI, CDI, HDI, DCI, TDI, JTD, CDTi, i-CTDi, CTDi, MultiJet, CRDi, D-4D, CiTD, CRD, DI-D, etc. as well as for trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles, tractors and others: Renault Premium, Midlum, Magnum, Master, Mascott, Kamaz, Iveco Deily, EuroCargo, Man TGA, TGX, TGL, TGS, TG, D20, DAF, Lublin, Autosan, Fiat Ducato, etc.
- petrol injectors
For remanufactured injectors we provide a 12-month warranty without mileage limit. We carry out all repairs using original spare parts.

When is regeneration of injectors required?

When the following symptoms of damage occur, inspect the injectors to diagnose the failure. The most important symptoms include:
- a marked drop in engine power
- Difficult or impossible to start up
- Uneven idling, increased fuel consumption, jerking
- Black or white smoke from the exhaust pipe
- difficulty shutting down the engine
- Automatic engine shutdown
- Problems with achieving higher engine speeds
- increasing condition of engine oil
- glow plug light or "checkengine" on
- External leakage (flooding the engine with diesel fuel)
- cracked or burnt piston
- too much fuel drained to the injector overflow (test with menzies while the engine is running)
errors in the memory of the engine controller regarding: injectors, exceeding the allowed adaptation, rail pressure, etc.

What does the remanufacturing of injectors at the Technical Center include?

In carrying out the service of repairing injectors, we provide:
- control of injector parameters on the test bench
- Evaluation of the results obtained and reasons for failure
- Disassembling the device into its component parts and cleaning them in an ultrasonic cleaner
- verification of the causes of damage, including those not visible to the naked eye - using a precision microscope
- assembly using original spare parts
- adjustment of mechanical parameters of the pump-injector
- Inspection of the characteristics of the device in an environment that mimics engine operation
- Measuring leakage and dose at several load points, such as slow speed, partial speed, full load and pilot dose
- printout of the test results provided as an attachment
Our goal is the highest possible customer satisfaction, so we make every effort to ensure that the regeneration of injectors at the Technical Center is carried out professionally and efficiently. Feel free to contact us by phone, email or the form on the website. We will be happy to answer any questions and establish individual terms of cooperation and pricing.

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