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Repair of injection pumps

We remanufacture the following components:

We remanufacture the following components:
- injection pumps for cars, vans, trucks, agricultural tractors (Opel, BMW, Audi, Ford, Man, Rover, John Deere, Nissan) - injection pumps for cars, vans, trucks, agricultural tractors (Opel, BMW, Audi, Ford, Man, Rover, John Deere, Nissan) - Ve EDC pumps for cars and vans (Volkswagen TDI, BMW, Mercedes, Renault) - injection pumps for commercial and agricultural machinery (JCB, WSK, Perkins, Hatz, Ursus, Zetor, KHD) - P, PEDC, PEDCK, RE30, 36 type inline pumps for trucks, buses (Man, Scania, Renault, Mercedes, Volvo, Daf) - PLD pumps - Wola pumps, Hensel 16 HNA, L'orange for locomotives and cutters
We offer remanufacturing of injection pumps manufactured by companies: – Bosch – Delphi – Denso – Lucas – Siemens – Zexel – Yanmar – Stanadyne L’orange

What is the symptom of a damaged injection pump?

The fuel supply system requires special attention from the car user. Take special care of the injection pump, which is most vulnerable to damage. It is necessary to use good-quality fuel and keep the system components clean. Otherwise, the components may seize or scratch, resulting in the need to return the injection pump for reconditioning.

You can recognize the failure of a component by the following symptoms:
- Inability to start the engine or problem with starting it
- black smoke from the exhaust pipe
- erratic engine operation
- decrease in engine power
- higher noise level

If you experience the above symptoms, it's a good idea to opt for an inspection of the fuel supply system. If there is damage in it, it will be necessary to recondition the injection pump or other components in the system.

As part of the regeneration of injection pumps in Mielec, we offer:

- disassembly and cleaning of device components
- verification of the condition and causes of the existing fault
- replacement of damaged parts
- replacement of seals
- adjustment of the injection pump based on its technical parameters
check the operation of the pump on a specially adapted stand

Although we offer injection pump remanufacturing in Podkarpackie, our Technical Center works with companies from all over Poland. During repairs, we use only specialized equipment and new, original parts recommended by the pump manufacturer. For the repaired device, we provide a 12-month warranty without mileage limit. We invite you to contact us to determine the terms of cooperation and obtain an individual quote for injection pump remanufacturing services.

Buying injection pumps

We buy severely damaged, in need of reconditioning and functional injection pumps. The final quote will be given after assessing the condition of the injection pump. Feel free to contact us by phone, email or the form on the website. Our Technical Center will be happy to answer all your questions and determine the details of cooperation in the purchase of injection pumps.

Components in automotive systems require particularly careful operation. Take care of the quality of the fuel and change the filters regularly. But what if one of the components of the system fails? For most components, including parts of the fuel supply system, there are two options: repairing the damage that has occurred or replacing it with a working component. However, the second option generates another problem: what to do with a layout element that is no longer needed? The best answer is at the same time the simplest - just sell the component at the injection pump dealer run by the Technical Center.

Selling a component is not only a way to get rid of a problem in the form of a pump that is no longer useful. This also allows the user to recover some of the money put into replacing the circuit component. Buying injection pumps is also important from our point of view - damaged components can be comprehensively reconditioned and thus make them serve another user for a long time. This type of "recycling" reduces the number of unnecessary items stored in many garages and provides a cheaper alternative to brand new, expensive components

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