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Regeneration of HEADS

We will regenerate the head

Regeneration of automotive heads

is a process that requires a lot of experience and the use of the highest quality tools. The level of complexity of the component makes possible repairs more difficult, so great care should be taken in selecting the workshop where the remanufacturing will be carried out. The highest quality service is provided by the Technical Center - our technical team is composed of specialists with extensive experience. We use the best machine tools and original spare parts from reputable manufacturers.

Professionalism and commitment

Damage to an automobile head is associated with high risk and can immobilize the vehicle for a long period of time when repairs are carried out to the broken component. The best solution is to prevent failure. Before using the engine's full power, make sure it is properly warmed up, and it is also a good idea to subject the timing belt to regular inspection and, if required, replacement. What if the head nevertheless gets damaged?

Action in case of head failure

The vehicle user has two solutions in such a situation. The first is to replace the damaged component. However, it should be remembered that this is an expensive option that not all drivers can afford. A slightly cheaper, and equally effective, solution is to repair the heads. If carried out properly, the damaged head will regain its performance and be able to serve for a long time to come.

As part of the overall service of car head reconditioning, we provide:

- thorough, hours-long head cleaning
- leakage check
- head planning
- valve grinding
- valve lash adjustment
- milling or replacing valve seats
- replacement of seals or guides
- leakage control of the reconditioned head
- planning of manifolds, engine blocks
- welding
- head tuning
We carry out the regeneration of heads installed not only in trucks and cars, but also in motorcycles and construction machinery. Feel free to contact us for more information and a quote for head repair services.

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