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Regeneration of brake callipers

Professional caliper regeneration

Brake calipers are components that can wear out quickly due to heavy use. Buying brand new and original calipers involves some costs, which not every car user is prepared for. Many drivers then decide to have their brake calipers reconditioned. The Technical Center in Mielec specializes in repairing worn components and replacing calipers.

What does brake caliper regeneration provide?

By repairing worn out brake components, we are able to restore them to excellent performance. Regenerated calipers are not inferior in performance to factory-new parts. Not without significance is the economic aspect - the price of original calipers from a reputable manufacturer along with installation services can unpleasantly surprise a vehicle user unprepared for the unexpected expense. Professional repair of worn components is a cheaper alternative to costly replacement.

Regeneration of brake calipers at the Technical Center

Our company offers repair of worn brake system components in cars, vans and trucks, as well as buses and trailers. As part of the service, we provide professional cleaning of calipers and replacement of their worn parts with original spare parts. Remanufactured brake calipers are also subjected to a detailed functional check.

Regeneration of brake calipers in our company includes parts from manufacturers such as:

– Bosch
– Knorr Bremse typu SB, SN, SK
– Lucas
– Meritor
– Wabco
– Perrot
– Bendix
– Girling
– Brembo

We also repair clamps found in trailers with axles manufactured by the following companies:

– Mercedes
– BPW, BPW Eco Plus
– Kassbohrer
– Gigant
– Fruehauf
– Trailor

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