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Regeneration of air compressors

We will regenerate your compressor

The Technical Center in Mielec offers air compressor reconditioning services. We help keep these vital components in good working order and ensure that their possible service life is significantly extended. Regenerated compressors regain their excellent performance, without deviating from the quality of operation of brand new equipment. At the Technical Center, we remanufacture air compressors installed in vans, buses and agricultural machinery. We repair components manufactured by the following companies: Knorr-Bremse, Wabco, Mercedes, Bosch, Magneti Marelli, Holset, Bendix, Clayton.

What is air compressor regeneration?

As part of air compressor regeneration, we provide the following services:
- Disassembly and verification of components - allows you to determine the cause of compressor failure based on damage to individual parts. The tips provided to customers are intended to help correct vehicle irregularities, such as faults in the air brake system or lubrication system.
- Washing and cleaning of components - all parts pre-qualified for repair are washed and thoroughly cleaned. At this stage they are reviewed again. Unusable parts are replaced with new ones, and those requiring repair are referred for machining.
- Machining - involves precision machining that takes into account the processes of boring, turning, milling, grinding and honing.
- Compressor assembly - it is important to complete all the parts needed for compressor assembly and take precise measurements to properly associate mating components. During installation, all manufacturer's recommendations for the stages and tightening torques of individual components are followed.
- Operational check - involves checking the finished compressor on the final bench. Such parameters as the loudness of operation, the tightness of the component, the output of the pumped air, the tightness of the valves in the head, the flow of oil in the bearings, the cooling system of the compressor are inspected.

Regenerated compressors come with a 12-month warranty. The technical team working with us consists of experienced specialists, we use only the best tools and original spare parts from reputable manufacturers. Feel free to contact us for more information and a quote for air compressor remanufacturing services at the Technical Center.

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