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Regeneration and repair of mangle

The steering system is particularly vulnerable to damage. Among the most delicate components is the mangle - the gearbox responsible for transmitting the movement of the steering wheel to the turning force of the vehicle's wheels. How do you recognize that a mangle repair will be a necessity?

Among the most common symptoms of mangle damage are:
- leaks from the steering rod cover
- Knocks resulting from excessive contamination of the steering pinion
- lack or disappearance of hydraulic assistance
- clearances felt on the steering wheel

How to improve the condition of the mangle?

Each mangle in repair should be approached differently. The regeneration process will vary depending on whether the system uses hydraulic power steering. The Technical Center in Mielec offers repair services for both types of mangle for remanufacturing.
Power steering repairs include:
- replacement of seals, simmerings and o-rings
- grinding of the main strip
- grinding of the distributor shaft
- docking of bushings guiding the main - gear strip
- checking for play, knocks, jams
- checking for leaks at a pressure of 150 bar
- checking the operation of the distributor

During the remanufacturing of unassisted maglevs we perform:
- sanding of the strip
- replacement of bearings
- replacement of the worm gear
- replacement of slat guide bushings
replacement of covers or bellows

Repair of gears at the Technical Center

We offer professional mangle remanufacturing in Mielec. Among other things, we deal with the repair of mangle for cars, vans, trucks, buses and construction machinery (TRW, ZF, MERCEDES, RBL, AXL-Semily, BENDIX, FMS POLMO, CESEPEL, JKC, KOYO). Our team consists of experienced specialists in their craft. We use only original spare parts, which guarantees the restoration of full efficiency of the transmission and all performance parameters. The remanufacturing includes a 12-month warranty. We invite you to contact us, we will be happy to answer any questions and set individual terms of cooperation, along with a quote for mangle repair service.

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