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Centrum Techniczne Mielec

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is engaged in the remanufacturing of automotive components. We specialize in overhauling systems used in cars, trucks and vans, as well as buses, construction machinery and other types of heavy-duty vehicles.

Regeneracja turbosprężarek
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Years of Experience

Engine overhauls, regeneration of turbines, turbochargers, injectors, injection pumps and air compressors

Regeneration in Mielec is carried out by a team of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in the repair of engines and components of individual vehicle systems. Repairs are carried out using modern machines and specialized tools that guarantee maximum precision during work and enable us to provide the highest level of service. We provide fast remanufacturing of components while maintaining low service prices.

Reduce repair costs, extend the life of your car

Carrying out precise remanufacturing of automotive system components makes it possible to reduce the cost of car repairs, as it does not require the purchase of new car parts or corresponding replacements. As a result, the life of the vehicle is significantly extended, while repair costs do not put too much strain on the wallet of the car user. Regeneration of the components requiring it is carried out after detailed verification and diagnosis of the system. After the necessary repairs are made, the components are tested to ensure their reliability. In case of extremely serious failures, we guarantee the possibility of replacing damaged parts.

We invite you to read a detailed offer of Mielec Technical Center and information on regeneration of turbines, engines, injectors, injection pumps i turbochargers in Podkarpackie.

Regeneracja wtryskiwaczy


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